Release log

Upcoming releases

0.4: Late spring 2023

  • Introduce the vastly improved solver. Currently (Spring 2023) resolving some minor issues and adding tests.

Previous releases

0.3: 2023, April 03

The first beta release! FONSim appears to work well and no serious issues did arise, therefore change from alpha to beta. Extended and cleaned the documentation, only minor code changes.

  • Extend and clean documentation.

  • Point to the new []( domain name (URL and email addresses).

  • Introduce Binder to try-out FONSim easily.

  • Scipy interpolation bugfix.

0.2a: 2023, February 04

The second release of FONSim focuses on cleaning up the codebase, improving documentation to make the codebase attractive to new users, and the introduction of the autocall and autodiff functionality.

  • Introduce autocall: in component definition, reference variables and states by their label, removing the requirement to work with arrays and indices.

  • Introduce autodiff: in component definition, calculate derivatives automatically using numerical differentiation, removing the requirement to specify them manually.

  • Introduce more than 100 tests (PyTest framework) covering most of FONSim’s codebase.

  • Documentation (tutorials + formal codedoc) on readthedocs (went online spring 2022).

  • Many bugfixes and code, UI and documentation improvements. Some breaking changes were made.

0.1a5: 2021, March 24

Initial release of FONSim on PyPI.