To install FONSim, follow these four steps:

Step 0: Installing Python 3

FONSim is a Python library and therefore requires a Python interpreter. See for the appropriate download and installation instructions for your operating system.

  • On many Linux desktops Python 3 comes preinstalled and this step can be safely skipped.

  • To test whether a Python interpreter has been installed, open a terminal window and run python or python3. If both return an error messages, there is no Python interpreter installed.

Step 1: Install PIP

TheF ONSim library will be installed using PIP. To install PIP, see To test whether PIP is installed, open a Python shell (for example, by starting a command line and running python3 or python) and run pip.

Step 2: Installing FONSim using PIP

Installing FONSim is most easily done using PIP. This method installs from PyPI, the Python Package Index. In terminal, run pip install fonsim.

For installing FONSim from source, please see the development documentation.

Step 3: Testing the installation

Open a Python shell and run, in the Python shell, import fonsim. If an error is returned, there is an issue with the installation.